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A New Semester
May 11, 2010, 4:53 am
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Today was awesome. It was really good. I took a week off from writing and I did miss it. I had a week off from school and I pretty much stayed away from the computer. I dont even know what my final grades are. I did pretty well throughout the semester so I’m not worried. But now I’m back for another round. Baylee is due today actually, but we’re thinking Friday is the day. There is a lot of time left in the day though. I think we are ready, I guess one can be only so ready until the time actually gets here. But very excited!

I got to sleep in and it felt so nice. June was beat but she made up for it with her sleeping in as well. The day started off good. I got June up and her breakfast together, manderine oranges with untoasted wheat bread. It’s her favorite breakfast. Then we left to go to my Dad’s house and stopped and grabbed subs at WaWa to eat before the Dr’s. apt. I love WaWa coffee, sizzlies, and shorties. We left June at my Dad’s with him and Rachel and Trevor. June can keep a croud going for hours. She eats it up, its like we dont give her any attention. But good news at the Dr’s. Any time now, Baylee could be here.

We all went to Tropical Smoothie afterwards and June tried her first smoothie today. She loves em’. She kept pointing at each cup for more. I’m suprised she didn’t get a brain freeze. I get the Acai berry boost. Its quite tasty. So then we headed home for June to get a nap and she almost fell asleep on the way home. She went down and I started to cook dinner. It was Asian night.

I made fried scallop wontons, Thai peanut marinated pork loin, seasame gingered cabbage, and sauteed eggplant and peas, then made a sauce with the marinade. Then we had coffee and lemon pound cake with strawberries and whipped cream with frozen strawberry yogurt.

June woke up and then Rachel and Trevor headed back to Greenville and we played with June for an hour and got her ready for bed and put her down. It was a really good day. I am back to work tomorrow for the next 3 days unless Baylee wants to come sooner and then I’ll take a week off or so. That coffee I drank sure is potent its almost 1am.


No case of the Mondays here
April 27, 2010, 4:25 am
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This Monday was really good. Work was kind of slow today the hotel was pretty low in occupancy so it was a great prep day. I took care of most of the pasta buffet today so I wont have to worry about it tomorrow. I had a great time talking about food in NY. I love NY, not the show, the state and city. I’ll get back there one day. There are so many great places to eat.

I was able to get out of work on time today so I made it home in time to put June down. I really like my job but it is tough not being home all day when June is up. But today I made it home in time so I was able to play with her for a few minutes, give her her milk, and say night night. I love being a dad.

Today I had lucky Charms and half of a banana (I had to sing the holla back girl song to spell it), a grilled portabella and avocado sandwich with camalized onions and pepper jack cheese. When I got home I rolled out flour tortillas and pan fried them in a little earth balance and dipped the tortillas in cashew cheese. For dessert I had angel food cake with fresh sliced strawberries, frozen strawberry yogurt, whipped cream topped with walnuts.

I just finished watching Food Inc. Its a really good movie and there are a lot of reasons to watch it. Most important thing to take from it… eat locally, food that is in season and that isn’t covered with chemicals to preserve and protect. The more demand for the local and organic food the less it will be in the stores and the less the other companies will sell. The end of the movie it says that “we can change the world with every bite.”

Good Sunday
April 26, 2010, 4:36 am
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My day started off great and ended great. We got up and went to church and then made a quick detour to VA beach to get some groceries. We stopped by one of my favorites Trader Joes and racked up and some nice produce and stopped by the Fresh Market and get a couple of things Trader Joes didn’t have… Fresh mint and chocolate covered raisins. We were invited to go to our friends daughters bday party but the timing with June’s schedule just didn’t work out today. I hope they had a good time. But the rest of our day was good.

On the way home we stopped to get lunch at the seafood market Frog Island heading towards the OBX. I was happy it was around noon and I was hungry. I orders and it took a while and an Asian couple came in and wanted to get lunch as well. I was standing to the side waiting for my food to come up and they were trying to speak to the cashier in broken english which was understandable and the old ass dressed in his sunday best made some rude off colored comment to his young teen grandson about trying to translate for them. It pissed me off that this man had to say anything who cares if it took 5 minutes longer to order your shrimp combo and to teach your grandson its ok to say those things about other people? It’s ridiculous that this family obviously just from church had to make all church people, (I don’t use Christian here, that is not Christian at all)  look like assholes. This guy ruined my time waiting for my food. I love watching a food operation run and it killed it right there for me.

I got our food and drove home and unpacked the car and we ate a good lunch. June slept on the way home so her schedule was off so we went on a walk around the neighborhood because it turned out to be a nice day out. I was definitely happy about that. We got back home and we put June down and cooked some new food for June to eat this week. We put together Turkey dill meatballs and Curried lentil cakes. They both were bound with egg and ground oat meal. I baked the meatballs and pan-fried the lentil cakes and they both were really good and had a lot of good flavor with the herbs and spices. I also started the culture of my cashew cheese that I will finish tomorrow. June ate the meatball, all of it, which is a good size about 3oz and green beans. She learned to use a fork tonight too. Shes awesome. It was so good to spend the day off with Shelly and June.

We played for an hour and got June ready for bed and put her down and then the Hallmark Goldcrown movie came on. I sit and watch and hope the tear drops aren’t noticable during the commercials. They are touching and all are very moving in their own way. I alway get choked up during the Christmas one with the old lady the little boy takes a card to among some others. LOL

Today I felt like I could have been pregnant with the food that I ate. Good lord, i started off with a WAWA Sizzlie and coffee. I love coffee. Then lunch I had the fried shrimp and soft shell crab with potato salad and green beans with 3 hushpuppies. 2 hours later I was starving so I finished up the pasta leftovers from yesterday and then for dinner I had a black forest quesadilla with avocado,  red onions, and red pepper flakes. For dessert I ate a bowl of strawberry frozen yogurt with half of an 85% cocoa lindt dark choc bar. while the movie was on a had some Trader Joe cheese puffs. I told you I sound like I am the pregnant one.

April 25, 2010, 4:22 am
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With the exception of all of my culinary associates and friends know one gets my schedule. When everyone else is off I am working feeding them after their day of work. No I cannot hang out tonight, I am working. I do not have a typical weekend. Sunday and Monday is a normal weekend for me and that’s if I get them back to back. In most weeks I do and I love that about where I work but a day here and there is nice as well. Please get that I’d love to do stuff and be able to hang out with friends but my schedule is the exact opposite of everyone else.

Work was good today. It was steady and moved right along. I love the 2-10 shift, I get to spend the day with my family and then go to work and come home do homework and it’s not too late to get to sleep. Since I get to go in at 2 I actually get to have breakfast and lunch at home. So I ate good for my meal times.

I ate the last of my fritatta for breakfast with toast and earth balance spread. Then for lunch I heated up a pasta alfredo with veges and grilled chicken. We had a portabella left over at work so I threw that on the grill with some balsamic vin. carmalized onions with red pepper flakes and pepper jack cheese on a toasted kaiser roll with L and T. Thats one of my favorite sandwiches. One of my favorite spices are red pepper flakes.

I started another batch of cashew cheese today. I love how easy it is and how good it is. It just takes time to soak and culture. It’s worth the 24 hours of waiting in between the processes. Monday it should be ready. Last Monday was a lot of fun. My schedule at work has changed a little to be able to go to the Dr. Apts so I have Wednesdays off and work Mondays. My boss is great and is really good at working with us to make sure we have off when we need it. Unlike most 5 day a week jobs a hotel is open 24-7 and we can work any of those days and if needed any time during those days.

I’d like to go to Trader Joes and get out tomorrow, but it looks like we might just stay in because of the weather. Lots of storms are coming. It’ll help the produce grow. I can’t wait for the farm markets to open. I have this sweet app called locavor that has all of the farm markets in the area and the produce that is in season and the proteins that are available from the farm. It’s cool.  I ate a fresh baby red romaine leaf and it was so tender and good just the other day right out of the ground. We’ve got some really nice fresh asparagus and green onions from Dave and Dee at work. I love the spring.

Its Friday
April 24, 2010, 3:45 am
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I had a great time with June this morning. She is a lot of fun to play with. She is very cordinated with kicking and tossing balls. She has a little soccer ball and chases after it laughing and having a good time. Its always a good time but my mornings are always cut short when I have to be in to work by 11. I have to leave and hour early so I get a couple hours in the morning to play with her. By the time I come home she is sleeping, so I love being able to spend the mornings with her.

Work was good. One of the biggest problems with the front of the house and back of the house like in most places is the communication. I come into work expecting a quiet day and suprise there is a limited menu for a small group and no one from the front of the house has let anyone in the back know. I am glad I check the notes and reservations because we wouldn’t have been prepped for the group. So, I got everything ready so there wasn’t any worries by the time the group came in. However we did have a wine tasting class this afternoon that makes every afternoon good!

As far as my food for today… it was a little better than yesterday but not much. I had Cherrios and a little bit of delicious asian glazed flank steak misty made. and a couple mini salmon cakes. I love working around food. Great food and always something to eat when you’re hungry.

Tonight was good getting to spend some time with Shelly. We just relaxed and watched the soup and Chelsea Lately. It was funny. Its getting closer to Baylee and she can’t wait to be done. I can’t wait for Baylee to get here. Its exciting and I can’t wait to hold her.

pasta thursday
April 23, 2010, 4:14 am
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Thursday is the new Saturday pass it along. In most restaurants Saturday is the busiest day of the week. But not at our lovely restaurant. Pasta buffet Thursday has brought in a lot of people. The signs and ads look great and gets a lot of people in. It’s good… getting people in but it is non stop all night long. We have people come back week after week. All day Wednesday we prep all afternoon Thursday we set up and then people roll in. I love cooking in front of people it’s a good time talking to people and seeing their faces light up when you are pans flare with fire inches from their face. haha. good times. But, 2 days of the week our crew is consumed for one night. I’m glad people love it. I’d be more happy doing a la carte orders but its something the people love so we do it for them.

In doing all of this preparation today I ate honey nut Cheerios, a couple of slices of bacon, and drank a lot of iced coffee.  No wonder why I have a headache. 

Have you ever felt like you were about to explode and felt sorry for the person who was going to set you off? Thats how I felt today. There should have been more prep done when I walked into the kitchen this morning and I couldn’t figure out why because 80% of the group of 40 didn’t show up so the night was slow for the restaurant. The pasta prep wasn’t done and the all day menu wasn’t prepped. one of the two should have been. It’s frusterating to walk into the kitchen after a good day off and having to start running immediately. Such is life. I felt like I blew up at nick (sorry), for putting a portion of chicken salad the size of jockey’s ridge on a bun. First, we don’t have a chicken salad sandwich and second, last nights closers let it run out and didn’t make more. So, we have to throw it together and figure out why there is an order for something we don’t have on the menu, while getting the pasta setup together.

Thursdays are great. I did get to enjoy 2o min. in the sun on my break sitting outside on the fence. That was relaxing. By the time I was able to get home it was 9:30 and I had 4 discussion boards to do and shower it’s now late and into the next day. One day school will be done. Early morning and back to work by 11.

Day Off
April 22, 2010, 3:16 am
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So whats a day off? There are never days off when you’re off from work. But with everything going on this day flew by. Its not 11pm yet and I am beat. We had a doctors apt. and they really dont seem too concerned about Baylee coming early. So, 3 more weeks to go. I did however put together the double stroller tonight so that is taken care of.

This morning was fun. June and I colored on notebook paper. Once she got a grip on it she wanted to take the colors to other things. Like the duvet cover… No worries it came out. But we had a good time.

So, since I was off today and we were running around we stopped by Chic fil A and it was tasty. But dinner was really good. I made a fritatta with cremini mushrooms and onions covered in a blend of italian cheeses. That was quite good.

When I’m not at work I still like to learn about food and so I ordered Food Inc. on Netflix. So far it was very interesting. It is ridiculous how the cows and chickens are treated in these “farms”. They couldn’t even walk because they were fed so much so fast. Please, if you can afford the extra $ buy grass-fed free range beef and organic free range chickens. I wasn’t able to finish the movie because it was too much for Shelly but I’ll finish it later. It was a really sad, but honest display of how disgusting these animals are being raised and how people have gotten sick and died from these sick animals.