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A New Semester
May 11, 2010, 4:53 am
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Today was awesome. It was really good. I took a week off from writing and I did miss it. I had a week off from school and I pretty much stayed away from the computer. I dont even know what my final grades are. I did pretty well throughout the semester so I’m not worried. But now I’m back for another round. Baylee is due today actually, but we’re thinking Friday is the day. There is a lot of time left in the day though. I think we are ready, I guess one can be only so ready until the time actually gets here. But very excited!

I got to sleep in and it felt so nice. June was beat but she made up for it with her sleeping in as well. The day started off good. I got June up and her breakfast together, manderine oranges with untoasted wheat bread. It’s her favorite breakfast. Then we left to go to my Dad’s house and stopped and grabbed subs at WaWa to eat before the Dr’s. apt. I love WaWa coffee, sizzlies, and shorties. We left June at my Dad’s with him and Rachel and Trevor. June can keep a croud going for hours. She eats it up, its like we dont give her any attention. But good news at the Dr’s. Any time now, Baylee could be here.

We all went to Tropical Smoothie afterwards and June tried her first smoothie today. She loves em’. She kept pointing at each cup for more. I’m suprised she didn’t get a brain freeze. I get the Acai berry boost. Its quite tasty. So then we headed home for June to get a nap and she almost fell asleep on the way home. She went down and I started to cook dinner. It was Asian night.

I made fried scallop wontons, Thai peanut marinated pork loin, seasame gingered cabbage, and sauteed eggplant and peas, then made a sauce with the marinade. Then we had coffee and lemon pound cake with strawberries and whipped cream with frozen strawberry yogurt.

June woke up and then Rachel and Trevor headed back to Greenville and we played with June for an hour and got her ready for bed and put her down. It was a really good day. I am back to work tomorrow for the next 3 days unless Baylee wants to come sooner and then I’ll take a week off or so. That coffee I drank sure is potent its almost 1am.


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